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  • Mammy Tornado was born and raised in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Upon graduating, she immediately married her high school sweetheart and started a family.  Six years later, her husband left for work one day and never came back.  Mammy stayed strong and refused to fall into a deep depression. After all, she was not alone. As a single mother she struggled to raise four children on her own. Throughout the 80’s, she supported her family by providing quality voice overs for adult films.  While using food as a prop to provide quality sucking and slurping sounds for her work, she really began to pack on the pounds.  Unbeknownst to her, she had turned to food for comfort.

    With nearly a decade of hard work in the voice over business, she lost her job after swallowing a chicken bone that damaged her vocal chords.  As the paychecks disappeared and her children grew older and began to leave the nest, she turned to an old friend to fill the void in her life… Sex.  Her appetite for sex and food go hand in hand.  In her own words, Mammy explains “Food makes me horny and sex makes me hungry, it’s a vicious cycle!”

    Although she is couch bound, Mammy has made it a lifelong mission to spread her girth across the earth. By scouring the internet she is able to continue her search for a hot meal …and even hotter sex.

fupa smile


  • I love men of all shapes and sizes, but if you really want to win me over…grow a mustache and bring me a bouquet of Little Debbies! Mmmmm.
  • I am not ashamed of my size and I am not modest. I know I’m sexy. I love being big and beautiful. Men love to have something to grab a hold of when they slap your ass and ride the wave! My body is a wonderland.
  • Many people assume that I do not get out much. That is untrue. When I can’t hitch a ride somewhere, I hop on my hoverround and hit the town! I don’t really venture out unless I’m having a snack attack or the Chippendales are in town.
  • I sleep in the nude and Diabeetus makes me horny.

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