2 comments on “Holiday Weight Gain

  1. Mammy I don’t see a problem here except that you weren’t able to safely cross that old rickety bridge. For Christ sakes that old bridge has to be over 100 years old! I have no problem with preserving our historic covered bridges so long as the county upgrades these bridges to modern day safety standards. When that historic bridge was built people on horseback or on horse drawn conveyances passed over them. In those days there was no McDonalds, Taco Bell or Burger King’s. Those people who built that bridge were skinny unattractive people who ate pig slop and as little of it as they could just enough for them to survive. The U.S. today has cuisine from all over the world and eateries on every corner. For the county supervisors where you live to have simply ignored these facts is irresponsible and neglectful. I hope you file suit against these foul bastards and take them to court because you can’t lose. Plus you’d be helping out the general public by calling attention to this huge problem and make bridges safer for us all.

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